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Jeetu narrated the experience of his trip to America to his friend Rohan.
Titu: "Dude, say anything. Americans are magnificent men.
Will take you to dinner, take a walk in your car and then stay in your house at night.
"Rohan:" Well, all this happened to you?
"Titu:" Not with me, but with my girlfriend.

One friend (from another friend): "We were ten brothers and sisters.
So I didn't get time to sleep alone until I got married. "

Two friends were passing by a ruin.
First: "I have heard ghosts live in these ruins."
Second: "Let's go and see." He moved forward and knocked on the door.
A man came and opened the door and asked, "What is there, what is needed?"
First: "I have heard ghosts live here.".

Deven and Rajan went to the cinema hall to watch the film.
Upon reaching there, Deven said with great innocence: "Oh man! You only have to take a ticket.
I have forgotten my purse at home.
"Rajan handed her the purse saying," Never mind, I have brought your wallet. "

The two friends were talking among themselves.
"A girl in the house in front of my house looks at me from the window panes every day and shakes a handkerchief, but never opens the window."
"Oh stupid, she is the housemaid who cleans the windows every day.". ''
Deven: "You know my wife is behind me, making me a billionaire?"
Prince: "How is that?"
Deven: "I wanted to see how much money she would make me ask me to do it Is, but he never said that.

Ramesh: "It is written in our scriptures that one should love the neighbor."
Suresh: "Neighbors lived very far when the scriptures were composed."

Vinay's friend Umesh used to work in the same bank that had Vinay's account.
When Vinay went to meet Umesh after a long time, Umesh said, "So you finally divorced your wife."
"Yes, but how did you know? "
"Your bank balance has started increasing."

A friend, "Why haven't you married yet?
Have you never found an ideal wife?
Second: "I met once but found out that she too was looking for the perfect husband."

Rosie: "Whenever I think of my college days, I start hating myself."
Rita: "Good? What happened in those days? "Rosie:" Nothing. "

One friend asked the other, "Now I am twenty years old, but do I look twenty years old?"
Yes, some years ago, you looked twenty years old. "

After marriage, Shobha said to her friend, "It will be fun for you.
You live in your home with your husband.""How is that?"
Shobha said, "I keep on threatening to go to my maternal home on talk."

One friend excitedly said to the other, "Sometimes people forget to think of me as my daughter's friend."
The other immediately said, "Good! I didn't know your daughter looked so old. "

One friend: "He has been drinking continuously since the day I gave Sohan a wedding."
Second: "What work did you do so much?"

Shivani: "I want people to put beautiful words with my name."
Sapna: "So what is difficult in this? You become a dacoit, and then your name will also be associated forever - Dasyu Sundari. "

Roma bought a new parrot. Describing her qualities, she told her friend Radha, "Magnificent parrot."
Anyone can learn to speak.
"Radha:" Well, call me. Show me! "The parrot immediately said," Do I have to go to jail by lying? "

A friend was gifted a beautiful packet by her friend at the wedding.
On the outside of the parcel, it was written: "There is a day in the box that you would like to wear on a honeymoon."
The young woman opened the embarrassed box and smiled happily upon seeing it.
The table was empty.

''close friend! If I marry a wealthy girl, my money will go away. "
" Yes! So why don't you get married? "Now, man! Who should explain this to my wife? "

One child asked his friend, "What is in your garden nowadays?"
The answer was, "Right now, there is a gardener."

A little girl was trying to write a letter. Her friend asked her, "What are you doing?"
"I'm writing a letter." "But, where does it come to write to you?"
I am writing to my younger brother. Where does he even study? "

A self-proclaimed novelist-emperor printed his first novel.
A close friend of his came to congratulate him.
During the conversation, he asked, "Say something, too?"
The novelist replied, "Yes, my hand clock and my wife's neck rest."

Sona: "Why do you say that my grandfather's teeth are like stars?"
Tina: "Because they also come out on the night of the stars."