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Husband-wife jokes

The life insurance company official explained, "We regret that there is no claim for your husband's death. He had only insured the fire.",
The wife said, "That's why I have come. This morning we have cremated him.

A person was walking on a deserted road. Suddenly a thief caught him.
The man chanted and said, "Look, leave me. If I go home to an empty pocket, my wife will get me raw."
The thief put his hand in his pocket and said, "same is here."

Wife: "If I die, will you get married again?"
Husband: "This question is tough to answer. If I say 'yes', then you will get angry, and if you say 'no', then Roma will be furious."

Wife: "Are there marriages in heaven too?"
Husband: "If it was, who would call it heaven?"

Wife: "Awake up, see thieves have entered the house."
Husband: "Then, what shall I do?"
Wife: "After all, you, men."
Husband: "I'm your man. Not thieves"

There was a debate between husband and wife about the equality of men and women. A cricket match was being shown on a TV placed in front. As soon as Sachin Tendulkar hit a six, the husband chirped - "A woman cannot be equal to men. Can you hit a six like Sachin?"
The wife immediately replied - "No, but I can hit sixes."

Husband: "It would have been nice if you cooked this vegetable four times more."
Wife: "Why did you like the vegetable so much?"
"Husband:" No, I am saying by looking at the amount of salt in it. "

A husband was reading a newspaper sitting on a high chair. His wife sat down with a low stool nearby.

When the husband asked her to sit close, she said, "No, I am your wife." Your honor is my duty.
"Husband was astonished to hear this. The newspaper said with great pomp, throwing it aside,
"And if I sit on the stool?" The wife also replied in the same rhythm, "I will sit on a low tripod." "
" And if I sit on the tripod? "Then I will sit on the floor."
"And I will sit on the floor. If I go? "Then, I will dig the pit and sit in it."
"And if I dig the pit and sit in it? "Then, I will put soil on top."