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Teacher-Student jokes

One teacher asked the student,
"Tell me how does the earth divide into different parts?"
The answer was, "By earthquakes."

The teacher scolded one student and said, "You were talking while I was teaching."
The student immediately replied, "No, sir! You have made a mistake I don't talk in my sleep. "

"Tell us an example of the path we are following on the way of our beloved Bapu Mahatma Gandhi.
" The teacher told the students.
A student immediately stood up and gave an example, "Gandhiji said that there is no one in the world, from whom you cannot take anything."
Accepting Gandhiji's words, our leaders have been taking loans and technical assistance from abroad,
donations from the rich, taxes from the poor, and votes from the common man. "

Teacher: "Well, you tell Mohan! If you had to choose between wealth and wisdom, whom would you choose?
"Mohan:" Yes, money. "
But Mohan said effortlessly, "That's fine, sir! But the one who will be lacking, he will want to take it. "