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A person asked the stuttering person, "What's your name?"
The stammering person replied, "D --- D --- dragged, and yours?"
"My name is dragged by me, too, but I don't drag it as much as you dragged."

A decorated person went to the restaurant and sat down and placed his order - "Bring sixty samosas and twenty gulab jamuns. Later, four cups of coffee too."
The waiter asked with surprise - "Will you eat and drink all this alone?"
He said- "Are you mad? How can a single man eat and drink all this? A friend of mine is also coming."

A smart company made a machine for instant fritters.
The hot pancakes used to come out after putting money in it.
One person poured money, but the pancakes did not come out for long, then
he looked inside the machine - a young woman looking for a knife to cut onions.

In the restaurant, one of the officers tried to break the bread but was not successful, tried several times.
Used both hands but to no avail.
Frustrated, he called the waiter and said, "This bread does not break, take it back and bring it."
The waiter picked up the bread, turned and looked carefully and said, "Sorry sir, it cannot returned. You have bent it."

A gentleman went to the restaurant with a drink of coffee. Ordered coffee As soon as he filled the first sip, he started screaming and shouting.
"Waiter! I asked for coffee, brought this rotten tea, the smell of petrol out of it
"The smell of gasoline? Then it is only coffee, sir, out of our tea, there is a smell of dirty oil."

A Man went to the haircut. On his turn, he asked, "Have you ever shaved a donkey?"
The Berber replied, "No, Sir, this is the first time. But don't worry."

"Do you have a fan, iron, TV, VCR and cable TV?"
"Yes, but are you doing a survey?"
"No, we are renting a neighbourhood house."

At midnight, when the baby suddenly started crying loudly and despite many efforts, he did not keep quiet,
singing Mother Lori Started trying to silence him.
Then came the neighbour's voice from the nearby room - "Sister, this is it; the baby's cry was okay."

When a person went to the hospital to meet a friend, the friend told him,
"Dude, it has become tough. There has been a lot of trouble for me here. I should change the hospital."
"Why what happened? Does the doctor not pay attention properly?"
"No, that's not the case; in fact, the night nurse has seen me expressing love to the day nurse."

"Brother, why is this man killing himself?"
"Nothing, I want to register my name in the Guinness Book of World Records."

Mohan: "Have you ever been fooled on 'First April'?"
Rohan: "Yes, once."
Mohan: Well, what happened that day? "
Rohan: My wedding.

Raju: "For the past few days, my waist has been turning."
Sanju: "Why you are doing more schooling?"
Raju: "No, if not educated, absolutely not, yes, a girl of short stature is definitely in love."

"Look at this photo of mine. Am I stupid in it? My wife says."
"No, the photo doesn't look right."

A friend, while reading a small book, started crying loudly.
His friend comforted him and asked- "What happened?"
The first friend replied - "I am crying after reading the end of this book."
"What book are they after?"
"Passbook of my savings account."

"How can you cheat all those good men who believe in you?"
"You also talk strangely, how can I cheat those who do not believe in me."

"How many kilometers do you drive in a liter?"
"Only five?" "
"Yes, my wife runs the remaining five kilometers."

Boys came to see a girl.
The boy's mother asked, "Do you know the daughter, Ramayana?"
The girl's ten-year-old brother exclaimed, "G. Didi knows not only the Ramayana,
but also the Mahabharata."

A boy went to his old neighbor and said - "Dad has bought your umbrella for a while."
"The old man asked -" "Have you said anything else?" So ask for Sharmaji.
The boy replied, instinctively.
"Son, what did you learn in school today?"

A child first spotted a snake in a zoo.
On seeing this, he shouted - "Look mother, moving tail without the body."

You know my grandfather once brought a watch from Switzerland very cheaply.
On the second day of fetching, the clock fell into the river that has been going on since then.
"What clock? "No, river. "

Once a list of child-litterateurs was published from a publisher institute.
While looking at the list, a famous children's litterateur said to his friend,
"Look, I don't have any name on this list."
While I have written quite a bit of child literature, why?
"Because you are a matured child litterateur.
"His friend said, pointing to his white hair.

A child was begging.
One woman rebuked him and said, "You are begging here."
It would be best if you had gone to school.
"The child naively replied," He was alive.
But no one gave a single penny there. "

On seeing a young woman smoking a cigarette on her way to the neighborhood,
a young woman said, "Cigarette at this age?" I will tell your mother.
"The child replied with a frown," Say it. I will also tell your mother that at this age,
you stop and talk to boys and talk to them. "

Sister: "How did Mother know that you're not taking a bath?"
Brother: "I forgot to wet the soap."

Customer (from the shopkeeper): 'Do you guarantee that this dog is very loyal?
"Shopkeeper:" Yes! I have sold it three times, and it comes back to me every time. "

Owner: "You went to put the letter. Now you have come back in such a long time and that too without putting the letter.
"Servant:" Tell me what the owner, we searched for the whole city.
Every letter that goes to the box gets locked.