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Journalists jokes

The editor of a prestigious Hindi magazine was a strong advocate of pure language.
One day he was flirting with his maid in his house. Then his wife reached there.
Seeing her husband in the arms of a goth, modest maid, she said, "Damn it, I am surprised."
The editor immediately purified, "You were amazed. We were surprised. "

While sending the first issue of the new magazine, its editor sought an opinion from the editor of a reputed magazine.
The editor immediately sent an opinion, "Enlarge the size of the magazine and increase the page,
so the scrap will be sold at the right price."

A newly-appointed correspondent in the newspaper had a habit of writing long stories.
One day the editor called him and explained very well - "Look, write the news briefly.
Nowadays, people do not have time. They like to read brief news.
"A petrol pump caught fire the same evening. The journalist wrote the news,
"The petrol pump worker burnt to see if there was petrol in the tank or not. Thirty years old. "