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Poet jokes

A large number of poets attended a Kavi Sammelan.
At the end of the ceremony, all the poets came down from the stage and started wearing their shoes out of the boots kept there.
If a poet could not find his shoes for a long time, even after searching for him,
the fellow poet quipped - "Say, sir! Are you looking for or liking shoes? "

The commencement of Poet Conference delayed.
When the convener asked the reason for this,he said - "Stop for a while,
if you get a little crowded, then start the conference."
So a significant poet and a poet seeing the first poet come, "Take spark off. Both the crowds are coming. "

When a young girl came to Maiden for the first time after her marriage,
she spoke during a conversation with her friend - "He is fond of writing poetry."

A poet stood near the tree in the garden and said in a very emotional tone,
"Hey mango tree,what would you have said if you could have spoken?"
The person passing by replied, "That's it, idiot, I am a guava tree, not a mango. ''

A poet sent his poem to the editor of the magazine.
The title of the poem was - "Why am I still alive?"
The editor sent the reply - "Because you have sent the poem" by post ".

Doctor: "I am a doctor, not an editor."
Listen to me, not poetry, to the sickness.
"Poet:" Yes, I have the sickness to recite poetry. "