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Political jokes

The leader standing in the election told the people, "You tell me your problems, I promise that I will overcome them as soon as I win the election."
A voice came from the crowd, "There are no cremation grounds in our area."
The leader said in the same spirit, "Make me successful; I will build a cremation ground in every street."

Speeches were being given to a leader in the assembly by strangulation. Mike was screaming.
Two stray dogs were also sitting near the same ground.
One (to the other) said, "If we had spoken so loudly for so long, people would have bled us to death."

Leader: "Doctor, give me some medicine that makes my weight double in two days."
Doctor: "Why?" Leader: "Because I have to be weighed with coins."

A leader went to a village during an election campaign. Leader asked one person, "; What are the most prominent crops here?"
"Yes, green chilli." The man responded very politely.
"Good! What are the cost of green chilli?"
"Yes, two-dollar pound." The man again, politely said.
"And of cayenne?" Leader asked
"Yes, twenty-dollar pound".
The leader thought of something and then consulted for the well being of the villagers, "So you guys should start growing red chilli from the front."

The powerhouse inspected one Leader.
The engineer walked along and said, "We here make electricity for the needs of the whole city."
The Leader wanted to know, "Okay, where do you store after making electricity?"

One Leader was very much tempted to travel abroad.
Once journalists surrounded him and asked, "Why do foreign ministers of other countries prefer to live in their own countries more than you?"
Leader innocently replied, "Brother, he is already in abroad."

The leader began to move out of the house, and his wife interrupted him, "Hey, he would have shaved."
The leader replied, "Don't worry, lucky, today I am going to inaugurate a hair salon."

A Leader went to inspect the lunatic asylum.
He asked the doctor there, "How do you know that such and such man is no longer mad?"
The doctor said, "Ask him simple questions like Captain Cook's trip around the world three times Planted.
He died at the same time. Tell in which round he died?